Despite the popularity of all baking and the number of both adults and children who watch Bake Off every week it seems that primary school children have little idea about the work of the country’s bakers.

Here at Craft Bakers Week we commissioned some research to find out what children knew about bread and baking and the results really surprised us. For example nine per cent actually believe that bakers make individual slices of bread and then put them into a bag to form a full loaf and 41 per cent had no idea they also make cakes.

Further demonstrating the confusion amongst the younger generation, five per cent think that bakers make baked beans, four per cent think they make pasta, with a further four per cent believing that they make ice cream and sausages.

We found too that whilst they struggle to understand exactly what a baker does, children also lack knowledge about which food contains bread. Almost a quarter of five to eleven year olds (24 per cent) think bread and butter pudding has no bread in it while five per cent believe chocolate cake is made from bread.

Many also take old wives’ tales as fact. One in six young girls (17 per cent) believe that eating crusts will turn their hair curly and 10 per cent of boys think eating crusts ‘will put hairs on your chest’.

They may not know much about bread and baking but we found that they do enjoy watching cooking programmes on TV – Three in ten (28 per cent) enjoy watching TV cooking programmes, and a third (31 per cent) enjoy watching The Great British Bake Off. Fifty-nine per cent also enjoy baking their own bread or cakes at home.

But sadly, despite this it seems that the interest does not extend to long term ambitions for today’s school children.

Only two per cent of the children surveyed aspire to become a baker, in stark contrast to 18 per cent of boys who want to become a footballer and 17 per cent of girls looking to become vets.

So if you have children why not take them to visit their local bakery this week to find out more about craft baking and all that our bakers do.

Head over to our Meet Our Bakers page to find out a bit more about some of our participating bakers!