Having visited Robinsons Failsworth bakery, earlier this month,   I can quite see why their customers voted them the Most Loved Bakery in the North West.  As soon as I walked through the door of this family run bakery at 7.30am, the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread, cakes and lots more, greeted me – evidence that Master Baker David, daughter Grace and their team of bakers,  had been hard at work since the early hours.  And not forgetting Karen, who has been a confectioner for Robinsons for over 35 years!

While David’s wife Sue was busy organising the shop and orders, the bakery, which is at the back of the shop, was a hive of activity. Along with two thriving shops,  the Robinsons also bake for many of Manchester’s finest bars and restaurants and regularly take a stand at food markets around the city.

Robinsons , which is, a stone’s throw from  Manchester  City football club, began in 1864 and is officially Manchester’s oldest bakery.  Today they are baking many of the breads and cakes the first generation of Robinsons did – including the Manchester Cob ( albeit with a slight tweak to the original recipe)  – David’s favourite loaf as well as the Manchester Tart and their very popular Multi-Seeded Loaf, which they sell over 500 a week of.

The team are all equally passionate about baking ….and its clear they take an immense pride in baking the very best of everything . They use a fantastic range of skills every day, from confectionery to bread baking and pastry making to make a host of goods – all from scratch.  Many of these skills  have been passed down through the six generations of Robinsons – and I for one hope they will be around for another six!