About Murrays Bakers:

Murrays was established in 1901 by John Murray, who came from Glasgow with a shilling in his pocket and started the business. The Murrays tea room became notorious with people queuing to the corner of the street to get in. Murrays remained on 89 South Street for 70 years, until they moved to 114 South Street in 1985, where they are based now.

How they are taking part in Craft Bakers’ Week:

Murrays says: “We love to take part in Craft Bakers’ Week as it is a great cause. We will donate every penny from the bakes we make for the week, and we always raise a great amount for charity. We get a fantastic buzz out of trying new products and taste testing them – as do the customers, who get to try the new products and give us feedback, which often results in new products becoming permanent sellers!”

Murrays team