Meet your Bakers!

Linda Hill – Murrays Bakery, Perth:

Murrays is a family firm of craft bakers in Perth, Scotland which prides itself on using local ingredients wherever possible, including Scottish beef for the pies. The bakery is run by Linda Hill, whose great grandfather founded the business at the start of the last century.

Linda joined the business when she was twenty to work alongside her father who was himself a craft baker. Linda plays an active role in the company outside of baking, making decisions on which products to sell, as well as helping with ideas for new recipes that are then developed by her team of five craft bakers.

The bakery continues to make many traditional recipes that were on sale back in the 1900’s. Linda says that her father’s recipes for Pineapple cake is still one of Murray’s most popular lines and remains unique to them.

Iain Campbell – Campbell’s Bakery, Perthshire:

As the sixth generation to run Campbell’s Bakery in Perthshire, Iain Campell knew exactly what was ahead of him when he decided to join the family business two decades ago!

Iain loves his job and relishes using his skills to develop new recipes like Wiejski Chleb (Polish Bread), that has become a Campbell’s Bakery favourite together with granary and wholemeal loaves.

A true family firm, Iain is supported by his wife Alisa, who designs all the packaging and his sisters who take care of all the admin while Iain finds himself in the bakery with his day starting between 4 and 5am and rarely finishing before 7pm. He joins his team of bakers on the night shift to help finish the first batch of pies, bread and cakes and when that’s done it’s time for Iain to get creative and try out some of his new ideas for products.

David Smart – Greenhaulgh Bakeries, North West:

Following his Dad, Allan, into the family bakery business was very much a life choice for David Smart. From a very young age at weekends and during the school holidays he was always at Greenhalgh’s shop and bakery. Today he heads a very successful bakery business that includes over 60 shops across the North West of England, as well as a thriving food service division too.

Allan Smart brought Greenhalgh’s in 1957; when it was just a one small terraced shop in Horwich, with a bakery on the side. By 2003 the business had grown to 39 shops all over the North West.

David cares as much as his father did about the quality of food Greenhalgh’s makes and sells and that includes the ingredients used to make them. Although you are less likely to see David in the bakery than you would have done 20 years ago, he still loves to bake and try out new recipes. David and his son, Stephen who followed his father’s footsteps have a team of 20 craft bakers, who in turn manage a large team who amongst other things produce up to 6,000 pies an hour!

If you would like to speak to one of the above bakers in more detail, then please don’t hesitate to contact the press team.