About Cavan Bakery:

Cavan Bakery has been baking daily since 1929, when David Cavan opened his first shop in Twickenham, before relocating to Hampton Hill in 1937.  Here the bakery produced cakes and pastries by day and bread at night to supply the one shop and six hand drawn bread barrows delivering to houses all over Hampton Hill, Hampton and parts of Sunbury and Teddington. These premises remained the headquarters of Cavan Bakery until 2012 when we moved into a purpose built site in Molesey, Surrey.

How we are taking part in Craft Bakers’ Week:

Cavan Bakery says: “We will be hosting tasting sessions throughout the week of both existing and new products, so customers will be able to try something that they may not have bought before. We will also be running special offers. We enjoy taking part in Craft Bakers’ Week as it’s the one week in the year where all bakeries are shouting out as to why craft baking is so important, and it shows how important it really is to have the continued support of customers to ensure independent bakeries remain on our high streets. In previous years, we have held ‘Meet the Baker’ mornings outside our shops, where children can have a go at kneading and shaping dough.”