Meet Our Bakers

How Donnellys Bakery Is Taking Part In Craft Bakers’ Week

About Donnellys Bakery:

The bakery was started in 1979 by Mrs Moyra Donnelly, mother of current owners and bakers Eugene and Cathal Donnelly. Mrs Donnelly started baking in her mother’s back kitchen in around 1960, and in 1979 she moved to Ballycastle to open up a craft bakery based on home baking traditional Irish breads with […]

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Cavan Bakery Tells Us Why They’re Taking Part!

About Cavan Bakery:

Cavan Bakery has been baking daily since 1929, when David Cavan opened his first shop in Twickenham, before relocating to Hampton Hill in 1937.  Here the bakery produced cakes and pastries by day and bread at night to supply the one shop and six hand drawn bread barrows delivering to houses all over […]

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Konditor & Cook Are Registered For Craft Bakers’ Week

About Gerhard Jenne:

Gerhard Jenne, the creator of Konditor & Cook was born in Freiburg, the gateway to the Black Forest. Licking from the bowls after his Mum baked her Apfelkuchen was his early introduction to the deliciousness of baking.

Gerhard’s sister then married the village baker and before the sun set on a summer holiday he […]

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Murrays Bakers Tell Us Why They’ve Signed Up!

About Murrays Bakers:

Murrays was established in 1901 by John Murray, who came from Glasgow with a shilling in his pocket and started the business. The Murrays tea room became notorious with people queuing to the corner of the street to get in. Murrays remained on 89 South Street for 70 years, until they moved to 114 […]

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Barbakan Delicatessen Registers for Craft Bakers’ Week

About Barbakan Delicatessen:

Around fifty years ago, a pair of Polish brothers established the Barbakan Delicatessen. Back then, it was a tiny bakery and in 1985, Stefan Najduch took over the bakery. What was once a small bakery became a nationally award winning craft bakery and delicatessen.

The Barbakan is named after the famous ‘Barbakan’ historic gateway […]

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Warings Bakery Signs Up For Craft Bakers’ Week

About Warings Bakery:

Opened by Lawrence Webster, Warings has been a family run bakery for over eighty years. Lawrence began his career in the baking business working for the famous  Betty’s of Harrogate  before leaving Yorkshire to establish ‘The Cake Shop’  in Armour Road. All the bread and cakes were made in a bakery at the […]

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