Marvello Cake Margarine 1.65kg
Granulated Sugar 0.825kg
Water 0.045kg
Bakers Grade Flour 1.65kg
Strong Flour 0.55kg
Rice Flour 0.140kg
Cornflour 0.140kg
Craigmillar Caramel 0.5kg
Chopped Pistachios 0.09kg
Glace Cherries 0.05kg


Preparation Method:

1. Mix Marvello and sugar on a low speed with a beater, then blend in the water.
2. Sieve together the bakers grade flour, strong flour, rice flour and cornflour.
3. Add to the Marvello and sugar and mix to a clear dough.
4. Roll out 650g of dough into tray, dock all over.
5. Bake at 180°C for 20-25 minutes until golden brown, leave to cool.
6. Add 500g Craigmillar Caramel to bowl and heat to 50-60°C.
7. Add 90g chopped Pistachios and 50g glace cherries, mix and pour over shortbread base, levelling out.
8. When set, cut into desired shapes.